Everyone Benefits from a Home Warranty

A home warranty can provide an added layer of financial protection in the event that a covered appliance or home system suddenly fails. And the benefits of a home warranty don’t stop there. In fact, there are many reasons why everyone can benefit from having home warranty coverage:



How buyers can benefit from having a home warranty:

  • Protects budgets from costly repairs on covered items
  • Provides an easy, time-saving way to find service providers when a covered item breaks down
  • Provides the security of unlimited service calls and flexibility of 24/7 service requests
  • Protects covered home systems and appliances for a year or more after closing


How sellers can benefit from having a home warranty:

  • Protects against the hassle and reduced marketability that breakdowns can cause during the listing period
  • Protects budgets from costly repairs on covered items
  • Gives buyers the confidence to submit their best possible offers
  • Prevents the sale from being derailed or postponed if a covered item breaks down during the transaction

Predicting when a home system or appliance might suddenly fail is as difficult as predicting the weather. But when those unexpected breakdowns are covered by a home warranty everyone benefits.